Skull Shoes

If you are one of those rare individuals that find skulls, then skull shoes may be right for you. Skull shoes were originally designed in 1998 in San Francisco by Christian Louboutin. They are a unique take on the vogue footwear of the time and are designed to make your feet look like they have lived through the night. This has led to many celebrities being spotted wearing these shoes as well as being displayed in some of the more famous fashion shows around the world. Even the fashion industry itself has taken notice of these shoes and currently there is a line of these shoes available known as “Louboutin Spooky Shoes” which you can buy online.

These shoes were designed so that the wearer will have all of the benefits of traditional footwear while at the same time adding a ghoulish appeal that is not often seen with other shoes. For example, they have what is known as a Gaping Box effect to them and this is where the laces begin to curve outwards creating a wide gape at the front of the shoe. This gaping effect is designed to make the wearer’s foot appear to have been eaten by a tarantula or other such creature that you have encountered whilst out on the town. Although these shoes do cost a little bit more than your run of the mill everyday shoes, the benefits of owning these shoes are many and definitely worth every penny that you spend on them.

Some of the styles of skull shoes that are available to purchase are skull boots, skull heels, skull sandals and skull pumps. The fact that these shoes can be worn for a variety of occasions makes them very popular. Some styles are suitable for wearing to work whilst others are suitable for wearing around the house or on weekends when you feel like going out. If you are thinking of purchasing a pair of these shoes, then it is best to try a pair on and see if you like them. It is always a good idea to try them on in front of a mirror in order to ensure that you are buying a size that fits properly.


Another great reason to buy some skull accessories is the fact that these shoes look really cool and there are plenty of styles to choose from. There are skull heels that look absolutely stunning when worn with the right outfits. These heels give a flirtatious hint to the wearer and can really draw attention to the legs. The colors available in the range of skull shoes are also numerous. There are various shades of brown as well as various bright pinks and blues to choose from.


If you want to go really daring when it comes to your shoes, then you could choose to wear skull boots or skull heels. These shoes can be worn with jeans or even leggings and they look sensational. For the most daring, there are skull shoes that can be purchased in glazed leather or suede. These shoes will provide an extremely sexy look that is sure to attract lots of attention.


When it comes to shopping, you should always keep the style of the shoes in mind. If you are on the look out for something that will go with all your outfits then you can opt for black leather skull boots. If you are someone who prefers colors other than black, you will find plenty of choices to suit your taste. There are bright pinks and blues to choose from so you will never be stuck for options.




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