Skull Masks

Skull masks are skull masks of any substance (be it leather, cotton, polyester, or faux bone) fashioned in the likeness or image of skeletons. These are commonly worn on Halloween as an offering of bravado or in celebration of the seasonal festivities of Halloween. It is said that the skull symbolizes death and the crossing over of the veil into darkness. It represents the struggle of man against the forces of darkness. It is a powerful image and its wearer exudes a sense of mystery, bravery and the ability to draw one’s own power from the forces of magic and the dark.

Skull masks in history 

The use of skull masks dates back to Egypt, where it is known as the jack-o’-lanterns. They were used as offerings to their gods and they later became associated with Halloween and different cultures across Europe, Asia and Africa. Many masks have different connotations and they have been used to represent different things, such as the skull and coffin mask which are associated with death and danger, death mask which is used to represent a dead king or queens, the crow mask which is used to represent rebellious youth, the skull mask that is used to represent evil and the spirit of Halloween, the bunny mask which is used to represent a bumbling fool or the barmaid or the fairy princess or even the princess with a crown.


Skull mask For Halloween

Halloween masks of skulls vary in terms of size, shape, color, style and designs. A popular trick or treat for children is wearing a skull mask. Adults also choose these skull masks for wearing at parties or just for wearing on Halloween night. Halloween is truly a festival of fright and there is no other costume that conveys this more effectively than the skull mask. This is perhaps one of the scariest yet most exciting element of Halloween and you will be left asking yourself how you managed to pull it off without causing any damage to yourself or those around you.

Halloween masks that come in all sizes, shapes and colors are widely available. You can go for a full face skull mask if you want a really dramatic look. Otherwise, go for the popular smiling skull mask. Men really love these skull masks and they can wear them to a fancy dinner party, bachelor party or a Halloween get together. It would be best to keep the men at home so that they do not distract other women.

The funny side of wearing a skull mask at a Halloween party is that people will not believe that you are not human. If you have the chance to wear a red one, then go for it. The color of the blood will add to the horrifying effect. It is important not to overdo the blood though because some people may turn their nose up at the gore effect but they would never suspect that the blood is not real. If you are using a black and white skull, then do make sure that the color of the skull mask complements the color of the dress you are wearing.

Remember that no matter where you are wearing your skull mask, it is important that it does not look like you are going to attack somebody with a sword or dagger. You can buy some medieval skull masks that look as if you have been stabbed in battle. There are also masks that come equipped with iron spikes protruding from the mask. Go ahead and try one on, because you never know how funny it would be to make a Halloween costume really scary.

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